Books by Jim Linderman

Books by Jim Linderman
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Tempest Storm Strikes a Blow for Civil Rights 1959 True Burlesque

Tempest Storm Strikes a Blow for Civil Rights  1959  True Burlesque.  Bear in mind the Civil Rights Act wasn't passed until 1964.  You Go Girl!  Social progress often comes in small steps up from the bottom.  We all win.

True Burlesque Male Hormones out of control! LET the SHOW BEGIN!

True Burlesque Male Hormones out of control!  LET the SHOW BEGIN!  On with the Dance by M. Norday.  The History of Vixen Books is told in TIMES SQUARE SMUT available as an affordable instant download HERE

True Burlesque Hall of Fame Member Dances for Smut Merchant Irving Klaw

It was not unusual for burlesque dancers to supplement income by posing for greedy pornographers.  Here, The complete "inventory" Burlesque Hall of Fame member La Savona produced for Irving Klaw in his dingy upstairs photo Studio. True Burlesque

True Burlesque The Stripteaser Used a Hacksaw!

True Burlesque lurid account of a down and out burlesque babe who took $500 to murder and hack up her victim.   

True Burlesque Double Header! Luscious Young Showoffs

Well, I am not sure where the "50" comes from for Tempest Storm measurements.  Seems to me True Burlesque is being exaggerated in this poster for Peep Shows of Paris.  The "luscious young showoffs" could be correct, however.  Dozens of dancers started young.  Tura Santana at age 15...and It was a brutal, horrid business for many.  The second flick sounds good!  . 

True Burlesque Rubber Drink Decorations of Pin-up Gals and Burlesque Queens

From the early 1960s, Bettie Page lower right.  Small hooks to hang each cocktail glass with pulchitrude!  Collection Jim Linderman

True Burlesque Drinks, Good Posture and a Snake

True Burlesque Drinks, Good Posture and a Snake.  Original Snapshot Collection True Burlesque.